SUPERSTUDIO is an artists’ initiative by Katleen Vinck. She organizes a group show in the monumental hall of her studio, a former transformer station, with related artists who are all involved in an Antwerp gallery or organization. In addition to the gallery program, sculptural work and performance are shown that is less present in the galleries by the monumental size and duration. There is no joint statement, but there are always references between the works and the artists themselves. On the surface or more subcutaneously they are connected by the direct, cosmology, the universal and the relationship in their work between past, present and future.

Participating artists are Nadia Naveau (Base-Alpha gallery), Tom Volkaert (Everyday gallery), Octave Vandeweghe (valerie_traan gallery), Peter Rogiers (Tim Van Laere gallery), Marius Ritiu (DMW gallery), Leyla Aydoslu (0090) and Katleen Vinck (Base-Alpha gallery). Choreographer Marc Vanrunxt and Jaime Llopis (Kunst/Werk) show the performance MIN OF MEER/MORE OR LESS with interventions on 13.05 between 17 – 20h and 16.05 between 15 – 18h.