Red Herring Salon

The project title of the exhibition, 'No, I Am Spartacus', is a reference to the dialogue about the public perception of who runs Red Herring Salon and the idea that different participating artists or volunteers can be seen as the responsible facilitator of an artists-run space. This concept is reminiscent of the scene from Stanley Kubrick's film 'Spartacus' where different people in the slave rebellion pose as Spartacus.
The exhibition will showcase a range of visual works and performative happenings, utilizing both the indoor and outdoor spaces of Red Herring Salon. The themes of the exhibition are obstinance, humor, and identification.

The exhibition will feature the works of Karina Beumer, Michiel Ceulers, William Ludwig Lutgens, Juan Pablo Plazas, and Anna Reutinger.

Red Herring Salon is an artists-run space. It functions as an exhibition space and artistic community, with a focus on professionally developing bottom-up artistic initiatives and supporting the network of local artists.