Numbered By

Numbered By will show an installation integrating the unique sweatshirts of Denie Put, Catharina Dhaen and Tom Volkaert and their artworks from which the sweatshirts originate. The set-up will be on the top floor of BorgerHub, where we embrace the existing architecture and provide a contemporary answer to it.

Numbered By is a platform that explores the boundary between art and fashion that leads to quality sweatshirts that balance on the border between casual wear and luxury. We offer artists a new medium to express their art. Each artist creates a new artwork that shifts slightly from their daily art practice and triggers them to work out of their comfort zone.
After the artwork is printed enlarged on fabric, it is divided into twenty unique sweatshirts. Together, the series forms the original artwork.
The costumers cannot only distinguish and identify themselves by wearing the sweatshirts, they take part in the artwork as well. Our mission is to provide individual, exclusive clothing by focusing on art through concepts of detail, functionality, abstraction and color.
Each unique piece is numbered and signed on the back by the artist by embroidery. The sweatshirts are packed in a cardboard gift box that serves as a certificate.

Discover the artworks of Denie Put; First Touch, Catharina Dhaen; Untitled and Tom Volkaert; Collage for Bumbered Ny with us. All available sweatshirts are for sale here.