For the closing weekend of Dora Garcia's exhibition 'She Has Many Names', concurrent with the Antwerp Art Weekend, there will be the following performances:

'The Artist Without Works': 18-21.05 15:00
'Best regards from Charles Filch' performed by Peter Aers: 19.05 17:00

During the special guided tours organised in the exhibition space, invited experts focus on specific aspects of Dora García’s practice. The last tour from the series by writer and philosopher Aaron Schuster focuses on psychoanalysis and Lacanian threads in García’s artistic practice explaining the concepts such as pleasure, desire, Borromean knot, and their complex relationship with language and writing by James Joyce.

The special guided tour starts at 14:00

Dora García’s exhibition She Has Many Names is accompanied by the publication: Inserts in Real Time: Dora García Performance Work 2000 - 2023, co-published by M HKA and K. Verlag (Berlin).

Inserts in Real Time is the first monograph dedicated to the performance work of the artist Dora García from the past twenty years. At the heart of this book is a Chronology of all García’s performances to date—listed, illustrated, described, and contextualized. This body of work is framed by three newly commissioned texts—by art historian Sven Lütticken, performance theorist Bojana Cvejić, and Dora García herself, as well as a new conversation between the artist and curator Joanna Zielińska. An Appendix of Selected Scripts makes this archive an especially vivid relay of her decades of public experimentation, provocation, and activation.

The launch will be introduced by Joanna Zielińska and Dora García. The artist will be signing books during the launch. The Girls Like US #14 - The Disappointment issue will be launched as well. The book, the magazine issue and T-shirts are for sale in our museum shop.

The book launch starts at 15:30

Public presentation moment at the end of a workshop week initiated by musician, performance and video artist Céline Gillain.

During a one week singing workshop/support group, 15 participants will form a choir. They will experiment with building a collective song, inspired by rituals, personal stories, club culture and feminist theories. At the same time, they will consider their own bodies as an element of percussion. Collective song is part of ANTENA, a year-long program dedicated to listening. ANTENA is the project Céline Gillain created for SUPERHOST 2023.

This performance presentes the result of a one week workshop led by Céline Gillain. During four days, 12 participants formed a choir-cum-support group. They experimented with building a collective song, inspired by rituals, personal stories, club culture and feminist theories. As the result of the workshop, they will present their collective song. This performance is part of , the project Céline Gillain created for SUPERHOST 2023.

The public presentation starts at 16:00.

Ignace Cami’s new project RE:ANKER (2023) comprises a newly formed choir. Three local songs about Antwerp and its port are sung by a group of twelve singers that are new to the Dutch language. Individually writing their own lyrics through the act of listening, they phonetically transform the original words and sounds into something new and enigmatic. Cami initiated the collaborative singing performance RE:ANKER specifically for his solo exhibition of the same name at M HKA. Entwining the connective nature of singing with the alien experience of facing a foreign language, the transformative power of interpretation is harnessed.

The performance starts at 14:00 and 16:00.

Jennifer Malvezzi and Flora Pitrolo will engage in a conversation with Sofie Frederix (M HKA).

The practice of Milan-based duo Taroni-Cividin constitutes one of the most groundbreaking yet rarely traversed areas of the Italian experimental performance archive. Active between 1977 and 1984, Roberto Taroni and Luisa Cividin pushed the edges of the live and the recorded, and of cinematic, bodily and spatial practices, developping an approach to performance-making that continues to generate questions in some of the contemporary moment’s most pressing debates.

The conversation starts at 16:00