Geukens & De Vil

Geukens & De Vil is pleased to present for the first time in Antwerp, a solo exhibition by German artist Julius Heinemann (°1984).

A collaboration between Numbered By and Shirley Villavicencio Pizango resulted in two series of unique sweatshirts. The aesthetics of each sweatshirt immediately leads to Pizango's still life Searching for the Blue of my Life.

Searching for the Blue of my Life shows the workplace of the artist. Shirley Villavicencio Pizango uses elements in her studio to create a sphere of nostalgia, a moment to keep in her memory forever. Collecting ceramics and other curiosities is part of her daily inspiration. The workplace becomes a place to live, to eat and sometimes to sleep. The blue painting in the background is a reference to Henry Matisse, a great source of inspiration for the artist.

During Antwerp Art Weekend, Geukens en De Vil and Numbered By will present the original artwork together with the individual sweatshirts, in order to create a dialogue between art and fashion.
All available sweatshirts are for sale at the gallery.