Galerie Geukens & De Vil

To create this exhibition I’ve used the methodology of gathering, I took inspiration from what I’ve gathered in my Carrier Bag over the years. This carrier bag is portrayed as a spiderweb in the show, spun from many voices, woven together by me to be perceived by you.

Gathering happens when reading, scrolling, experiencing, talking, seeing, listening to myself and others. Gather for me, then I’ll put it in my carrier bag. The stories I tell are not only mine but come from many. I carry the bag through life, not always aware of what goes in and out but knowing that there is a possibility to pick wrong and make the whole bag rot.

Now pouring out my bag for the viewer and letting them peek into my mind, these tapestries are like windows into my imagination. I will show both the rotten fruits as the seeds that feed my future. To think of other worlds and imagine a non-human existence from the point of view of a delusional city girl who’s afraid of tall trees and dark nights. The one hunting me might be myself, I have outgrown my teen shell and the works depict a duality of a domesticated city girl dreaming to let out her wildish woman nature. Escaping patriarchal norms by facilitating a place to come together and read or share thoughts.

Sam Druant in conversation with art historian Anja Veirman about her work, texts and inspriation, in a unique setting created by the artist.

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