Duende Art Projects

“Unsettled” is an ode to restlessness. What are humans if not always striving to become a better version of themselves? Restless souls are invariably moving, stretching themselves – and thereby others - in an active pursuit for impalpable aspirations. This continuous chase can go hand in hand with a passionate desire to express this unsettled state.

Artists are ahead of the pack, more sensible to changing norms and societal issues. They feel what’s to come and with their elevated perceptiveness and sensitivity they try to translate these dispositions into works of art. Artists challenge conventions with an open mind, beyond comfort zones, into a disruptive realm. Art should unsettle, derail, inspire and move, as only in the state of being unsettled one can grow. Duende Art Projects with “Unsettled” hopes to move its public and inspire them to new ways of perceiving art from the African continent.

"Unsettled” will present an innovative juxtaposition of both anonymous classical works from the African continent, as well as new works from cutting edge contemporary artists such as Beatrice Wanjiku (Kenya), Tuli Mekondjo (Namibia), Tewodros Hagos (Ethiopia), Mulugeta Tafesse (Ethiopia), Mostaff Muchawaya (Zimbabwe), Admire Kamudzengerere (Zimbabwe), Aimé Mpane (D.R. Congo) and Thierry Oussou (Republic of Benin).