NICC is presenting a preview of the new publication "Zonder Kunstenaars Geen Kunstboek”, as well as a part of it’s archive and some of it’s published editions and printed matter.

Around the end of 2019, NICC organized the growing exhibition project "Zonder kunstenaars geen kunst” (Without Artists No Art) at M HKA, which was an artistic reaction to the precarious situation of artists created by the government. For more than three months artists created a visual and artistic resistance against the funding cuts (-60%) on culture by the Flemish government.

We invited the 62 participants again to contribute to the publication with the question of how art can react to urgent matters. In other words, how can we as artists be combative in an interesting artistic way? The publication is not only a document about the exhibition but will also be a new space to again interact with. The new contributions are printed in poster format and will be exhibited in the BOTANICC and in public space.

The title of the AA project refers to how artists can or should be activistic. (Antwerp Art refuses to see BOTANICC as an artist-run space although all members of NICC have to be professional artists) Activism does not always result in good art. Did activism become a hollow concept? Did activism become a lifestyle? When and where is artistic activism disturbing, provoking, or just irritating? The artists in BOTANICC will focus on these questions and statements.