Archipel 2.0

Archipel’s Studio is showcasing a group exhibition called NEXT. Moving from their current location to the the new studio, a former electricity factory on the waterfront will serve as a blank canvas for a new future. In this unknown territory they meet for the first time. Archipel's artists and collectives are merging with Atelier FAAR to invite the spectator to a unique perspective of the new space.

Artists Archipel:
Yasmine Akondo, Beau Van Hoydonck & Tulpa, Davey WAXX Verhaeghe, James Lethbridge, Fleur Roggeman & Pieter Vandenhoudt, Joris Derycke & Hanne Geerinckx

Artists FAAR:
Witold Vandenbroeck, Ine Kools, Anouk Van Offenwert, Nel Maertens, Arthur Van de Velde, Laurence Petrone, Emily Kelly

Artists SoSo Artz:
Honey Azamosa, Jasmine van Troostenberghe, Viva Sage, Miche Celis, Maxene Willems, Sttefany Bencosme