100 Years Beuys

Coppejans Gallery presents a duo exhibition from May to July with work by Joseph Beuys (Krefeld, 1921-1986) and the photographer Lothar Wolleh (Berlin, 1930-1979). Under the title "Wer nicht doen will, fliegt raus!" the intensive collaboration between the two German artists is highlighted.

This exhibition marks the beginning of the 100 Years Beuys Tour.

Location: Coppejans Gallery.

During the Antwerp Art Weekend, Coppejans Gallery presents an open-air project in a cage on Falconplein. The initiative is part of the activities around the centenary of Joseph Beuys and is intended to draw attention to the artist's topical value. Several contemporary artists will interact with the public through performances and actions. Their artistic deeds link or contrast with Beuys and his intellectual legacy.

Thursday, May 13 at 19h:
Performance by Carmine Antonio Iacolare.

Friday, May 14 at 13h:
Johanna van Overmeir: Beuys family

Friday, May 14 at 14h:
Peformance by Carmine Antonio Iacolare: a tattoo for my body.

Friday, May 14 at 16h:
Carmine Antonio Iacolare & Eddy's Tattoo Shop: A tattoo for my body.

Friday, May 14 at 19h:
Thomas Betsens: prepared cage, interactive soundscapes with Beuys recordings.

Friday, May 14 at 20h:
Musical performance by Thomas Betsens: experimental sound scapes.

Saturday, May 15 at 15h:
Musical performance by Mauro Pawlowski.

Sunday, May 16 from 13h–16h30:
Performance by Bart Van Dijck: 100 oaks.

Most recent details on the program can be found here.

Location: Falconplein.

In collaboration with Het Bos and Coppejans Gallery, the Academy organizes a short but powerful tribute to the German artist Joseph Beuys, who would have turned 100 years old on 12 May 2021. The central focus is on Beuys' role as an artist-pedagogue and ecological activist; positions that make him extremely relevant today.

May 13-16:
Exhibition - Beuys in Print '68-'86.

Saturday, May 15 from 17h-20h:
Discussion evening with Louwrien Wijers, Egon Hanfstingl, Anny De Decker, Nico Dockx, Els Dietvorst, Bart Van Dijck and Johan Pas, among others.

Location: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

M HKA, Lohtar Wolleh Foundation and Coppejans Gallery present an exhibition about Lothar Wolleh and the Antwerp avant-garde scene. With works by Lothar Wolleh and Vic Gentils, Lucio Fontana, Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, Jef Verheyen, Pol Bury, Christian Megert, Jan Henderikse, Jean Tinguely, Gunther Uecker (& others).

Location: M HKA, INBOX.

Organized by Coppejans Gallery, the entire Beuyscast program can be listened to online:

Thursday, May 13:
Philippe Van Cauteren - Beuys and the museum

Thursday, May 13:
Anny De Decker - Beuys in Antwerp

Friday, May 14:
Ronny Delrue - free drawing

Saturday, May 15:
Els Dietvorst - Social energy

Sunday, May 16:
Antoon Melissen - Beuys and Lothar Wolleh

Sunday, May 16:
Louwrien Wijers - walking with Beuys

Most recent details on the program and links to the podcasts can be found here.

Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) was a very influential and controversial German artist. He used a wide variety of materials for his works, of which felt and fat are best known. He also famously stated that every person is an artist ("Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler"). By this he did not mean that everyone is capable of making a work of art. He took the word "art" more broadly and associated it with life. For example, he believed that every human being has the creative possibilities to help shape the world and make it better. His ideas and art still inspire numerous artists.

In the week of his birthday, we explore his method and materials together. We look at a series of works that Beuys gave the name Queen Bee and look for a good starting point. With special materials such as beeswax, plasticine, wool, found objects, brush and paint, we look for the little Beuys in ourselves.

Beuys for Kids! is a collaboration with dasKULTURforum and takes place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp between 14h and 17h.

Registering is mandatory via ine.vanlinthout@daskulturforum.be

100 Years Beuys is an unguided tour and can be accessed at any time at any location during the Antwerp Art Weekend, unless specified otherwise.